Hidden Hitch Receiver: 02-06 Hatchback (non S) + 04-08 Convertible (non S)

Hidden Hitch Receiver: 02-06 Hatchback (non S) + 04-08 Convertible (non S)
Drawbar + Storage Bag
Wiring Kit

Please note, our product image shows the Hidden Hitch AND optional accessories (which are NOT included in the price). Please see drop down menu to add a Drawbar (the removable part that has the actual tow ball to pull a trailer) or a Wiring Kit (only needed if a trailer is pulled). Most of our customers purchase our hitch to attach a bike rack and do not require a Drawbar or Wiring kit.

The MniDoMore Hidden Hitch is custom engineered to fit specific MINI models and is one of the only hitches on the market that is hidden behind the bumper yet accessible for easy use when needed.

The MniDoMore Hidden Hitch is a heavy duty metal assembly that mounts behind the plastic part of the MINI bumper and uses factory hardware and mounting location for a seamless and integrated look that is safe and secure and offers MINI owners the flexibility to haul, tow, attach or carry stuff they otherwise would never be able to. The hitch mounts between the large bumper support beam and the chassis.

Access to the hitch is made by removing the rear fog (red) /reverse light (clear) by reaching behind the bumper and squeezing the tabs on the sides of the light housing and pushing it outward. Once removed the hitch can used and the light can be reinstalled when not in use. Accessing the hitch to insert the hitch lock pin requires reaching behind the plastic part of the bumper and above the exhaust tips. Confirm the exhaust tips have cooled off first. The first few times it will be a bit challenging to work 'blind' but it will get easier.

Accessing the hitch pin will only be required if a accessory or drawbar is added or removed. Once installed, the hitch can be used to attach just about any off-the-shelf trailer, bike rack or luggage trays that have a 1-1/4" size connection. The vast majority of MINI drivers will use our hitch in conjunction with an aftermarket bike rack attachment (like Thule, Yakima, etc.). A 1-1/4" hitch connection is required and the post needs to be long enough to clear the bumper.

Hitch Detail:

-1 1/4" Class I Receiver SAE J684 Certification – No other Cooper S receiver hitch on the market have this Certification!

-Mounts concealed behind rear bumper

-Powder coated black to resist rust -200 lb maximum tongue weight

-1500lb tow capacity

-Packaged complete with installation instructions

-Installs with ordinary hand tools using existing hardware



Wiring Kit:

-Standard 4 plug connector

-Active tail converter that functions without applying additional loads to the Mini’s wiring or computer

-Takes power from a direct feed from the batter with 10 amp fuse

-Takes 3 brake and stop signals (left turn, right turn, stop) and converts to two light signal on trailer lights (left turn and stop, right turn and stop)

- Includes all required wiring, connectors, and detailed installation instructions



-1 1/4” Class I drawbar with 2” drop

-Includes 1-7/8” ball

-Tow chain connection plate included

-1/2" pin and clip included


Optional drawbar accessory:
- OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Mini Cooper trunk mounted tool bag (71116762181) for storage. The storage bag uses clips to mount in the boot of the MINI when not in use.


This Hidden Hitch is one of the many MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories that we carry and will fit the following MINI Cooper Models and Years:

Gen1 MINI:

R50 MINI Cooper Hatchback: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (NON S MODEL)

R52 MINI Cooper Convertible: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 (NON S MODEL)


Installation instructions:
link for install of hitch
link for install of wiring on Hatchback
link for install of wiring on Convertible

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