Welcome to MNI Do More

MNIDoMore is the leading source for products that allow you to bring your passion on the road with your MINI. Haul your small boat, travel trailer, jetski, bike rack full of bikes or whatever your passion is. The MINI is a fantastic car and can do amazing things once the right accessories, like a hitch, are installed. Consider adding a tow hitch to your MINI to make it easier to transport a large purchase or recent craigslist find, making a short move or bringing extra luggage with you on vacation. We find that many MINI owners enjoy the outdoors and may have sold a large SUV, truck or other 'outdoor friendly' vehicle to get into a MINI and want the same capabilities they're used to. With a simple Hitch Mounted Bike Rack, Roof Rack or other add-on the MINI can haul just about anything. Imagine hauling your motorcyle, small boat, trailer or even a airplane with your MINI.  Yes, it can be done! If you need to make your MNI Do MORE, we can help!

Don’t be fooled by copies of the original hitches by MNIdoMore.  - Mni Do More has been serving the Mini Cooper community since 2005 as a MINI specific manufacturer and retailer of Mini Cooper, Cooper S, Clubman, and Countryman towing and hauling hitches, bike racks and accessories. We were the first to manufacture a Mini specific hitch that is hidden when not in use!  Others have shamefully copied our hitches.  We''ve specifically designed our hitches to meet strict SAE J684 requirements, to fit perfectly, to have clear installation instructions and to be manufactured and finished to the highest quality standards right here in the USA!.

NOTICE: Mni Do More trailer receiver hitches have all been certified by Test Link Services, Inc. using SAE J684 Department of Transportation testing standards to meet a tongue weight rating of 200 lbs and a maximum tow rating of 1400 lbs. Many states require the use of a SAE J684 certified hitch for hauling and towing.